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Getting Started

I meet with each client for the initial consultation. We will discuss  your ideas, go over the area and the possibilities within that area and your budget. I will then schedule a time for more accurate measurements and a consult with one of our team experts if needed. After I complete your initial drawing we will discuss and modify as needed. No construction is started until you are happy with your design.

Our Story

After selling my charter fishing/booking agency, We began looking for a new project and with the assistance from a barbecue grill expert, I  found myself in a new industry. Originally the concept was to sell outdoor grills and accessories with a beautiful live showroom but during the journey this company had many changes. And as it took a turn in a different direction; I listened to the voice of consumers and designers, and this company evolved in to a service that was much needed in the area. A design company that could handle some or all of the process of building new outdoor living spaces. Welcome to Beach Expression's Outdoor Living and to a team that will strive for excellence.

"Life has many twists & turns...it is more important to look forward than to stare in the rear-view mirror" author unknown

Bringing Our Attitude to Your Latitude

The goal that I have for each job is best described by the word "OASIS". This is exactly what you should have when your contractor has completed the construction & the designer (whom ever that may be even if it is you) has completed the color choices, furniture options and fine details of this project. But where do I fit in? I help create the design, I work with you and inspire you to help me create your "OASIS".  During this process we start with basics then move forward to details. I will create a 3D drawing and then you will critique it then we will continue to make changes until your are absolutely satisfied. I am your MUSE'. So let's get started.

Victoria Harrison-Jones (Tori)

the MUSE'

Anything in life is possible, if you can dream it, provide will and desire than you can achieve it! When I started this company, I thought that I was going to sell outdoor barbecue grills; which never felt exactly right to me, but with lots of determination and hard work my company has evolved to a creative design company for outdoor living spaces. Now I enjoy creating beautiful and relaxing "Happy" spaces for clients, No matter where they live.  I look forward to working with you and creating your new "Oasis". Love~Peace & Happiness

"The Spirit of a DragonFly"

Next Steps...

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